Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This life is a test

Tonight for Relief Society we had a class on education opportunities.  The sister from our ward who taught works and teaches at Utah Valley University as a career counselor.  She had a panel of three women who are currently in school answer questions about their experiences.  Each of these three women have eight children, some married, some teenagers still at home.  Each of them are over the age of 50.  They all said how vital it is for them to read the scriptures each day, attend the temple, and ask for the help of the Holy Ghost to be successful in their studies, especially on test day.
The sister teaching said, "And that's great life advice, too!"  I've been thinking about how right she is.  How can I ask for more specific help from the Godhead to do the things I need to do?
One thing that has become an incredible experience in our family is having a circle of prayer.  It has been needed two weeks in a row.  We each take a turn praying for the same thing, with our own words.  It was so powerful!  And I love the unity that we had from those experiences.

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